Most people are familiar with Alicia’s professional accomplishments, as they are well documented and displayed on the Oprah Winfrey Network series, Your Own Show. However, when it comes to ‘AT’ (as called by her friends) she is so much more than just business.

Alicia is no stranger to the spotlight and has always been ahead of the curve. As an only girl and middle child, she’s used to being in the thick of things. In high school she was class president, homecoming queen and voted most popular student.  Throughout college she worked banker’s hours and spent her evenings in a recording studio, where she recorded dozens of hip hop tracks.  Alicia has appeared in music videos, calendars, commercials, and featured on a soundtrack with Jay-Z, 50 Cent and DMX, just to name a few.  In her late 30’s Alicia graced the pages of Playboy Magazine, as a Woman of Wall Street. 

One of Alicia’s favorite things to do is travel.  She has visited over twenty countries and most major cities in the world. Her two favorite cities are Dubai and Hong Kong, as she loves architecture and shopping. Alicia loves outdoor sports, running a marathons and is putting together a fitness dvd for women age thirty and beyond. Alicia’s mantra is “forty is the new thirty”.   

Alicia always makes time to mentor young women, and has developed a six month program to help young women find their way both financially and personally. Alicia knows that confidence is the key to everyone’s success and has just authored Buy Your Own Press, a guide to self-confidence building. 



In Alicia’s twenty year career in finance and lending, she has served as an executive for several fortune 500 companies. Her career started in the credit card industry in the early nineties, where as a college student at only nineteen years old, she lead a team of fifty plus adults.  From there she moved onto a finance company, where she learned everything she needed to know about managing people, as well as, credit, lending and finance. Alicia has lead hundreds of employees to success, while helping thousands of clients eliminate debt and realize the dream of homeownership. Her final stop in corporate America landed her in Los Angeles, where she was a top performing AVP for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Alicia timed the market perfectly, in 2004 she returned to her hometown of Las Vegas and founded Mortgage Solutions LLC.  Her team has done hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions and put thousands of borrowers into homes. 

Alicia is also an accomplished Realtor® and real estate broker.  She has founded Alicia Taylor and Associates and will open the real estate firm in early 2011. Alicia worked hard and achieved financial freedom early in life and her life’s passion is helping others realize the ever so elusive American Dream, by achieving financial freedom. Alicia has hosted a radio show for years, which educates consumers on all things financial.  She donates her time to speak to anyone who is serious about changing their lives financially. Alicia believes that once you take control of your finances, you can control every aspect of your life.  She puts her money where her mouth is and in 2008 she funded and founded the nonprofit organization, Home Ownership Initiative Foundation HIF, in hopes of assisting deserving families with down payment assistance and financial literacy programs.

Alicia’s future plans include hosting a national television show, dedicated to “all things financial” where she will continue to give advice and guidance on living financially free.  

Keep your eyes out for Alicia Taylor, she can be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s flagship series Your Own Show, in pursuit of her dream.  You don’t want to miss the rise of ALICIA TAYLOR!


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